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Bloated On Your Period? Try These Helpful Tips.

by admin
August 16, 2018

Bloated on Your Period? Try These Helpful Tips.

We’ve all been there – that uncomfortable bloated feeling that leaves you wanting to cover up with layers of clothes, or hide in bed all day. Bloating before and during your cycle can be irritating and uncomfortable, so we’ve got a few tips to help you nix period bloat and feel your best all month long.

Don’t Stop Moving

When you sweat, your body releases water, which may help decrease water retention and alleviate uncomfortable belly bloat. Regular exercise and a healthy, active lifestyle have also been proven to help improve your health and alleviate period symptoms,1 which could make that time of the month more bearable all-around. Practicing yoga is a great way to incorporate exercise into your routine, and on top of reducing period symptoms, it releases endorphins to improve your mood.2

More Water, Less Caffeine

It’s tempting to reach for more another cup of coffee during a busy work week, but if you find that you’re experiencing bloating during your period, you may want to cut back and opt for a decaf, or a soothing tea. Caffeine promotes water retention and can exacerbate your symptoms,2 so try keeping your intake to a minimum.

Although it may seem counterintuitive if you’re feeling bloated, reaching for water is actually vitally important, as it will keep you hydrated and can actually help stop your body from retaining more water. You can also get your daily dose of H2O by eating water-based foods like cucumber, lettuce, berries and watermelon.2

Hit Snooze

Sleeping can help reduce stress and promote a regular period, while eliminating symptoms like painful bloating. While you’re asleep, your body moves the fluid in your belly back into the rest of your body, which will reduce bloating the next day.3 It’s common that women have trouble sleeping on their period, so if you find you’re having trouble getting that full 7-8 hours, check out these helpful tips.

 Keep in Mind: Maybe it’s Not That Simple

If you’re experiencing debilitating period symptoms, and finding that at-home remedies and lifestyle changes are not helping, it could be something more serious. If your symptoms are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, talk to a doctor about what may be causing them, so they may identify a personalized treatment plan for you.



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